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How to hire me as your virtual project manager

Step 1

Send me an enquiry and let me know how I can help.

Step 2

We’ll do a complimentary 30-minute strategy session

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Step 4

You sign the dotted line and book my time as your virtual project manager!

Frequently asked questions

What’s a virtual project manager? Are you a virtual assistant?

A virtual project manager works to manage and complete your projects remotely, usually from their home office. I’m a lot like a virtual assistant, but instead of general PA tasks, I specialise in admin and marketing – with a special focus on project management.

So I work similarly to virtual assistants, but you get access to a more specialised skill set – and you’ll probably find you don’t need to do as much hand-holding. You can tell me what you want to achieve, and I will work collaboratively to achieve it.

How will we communicate?

Usually we’ll chat over the phone, email, FaceTime, and Skype. As a virtual project manager, I find that works great for most of my clients! But if you’re local to me (in north Brisbane), we might occasionally meet face-to-face in your offices as well.

What tools do you use?

My virtual project manager toolkit includes a range of different programs and applications. The most important thing is accessing the information we both need to collaborate remotely (aka in the cloud). My favourite tools include:

● Google Apps – for email, calendar, and contacts
● Google Drive or OneDrive- for docs, spreadsheets, and collaboration
● Dropbox – for file storage and sharing

I’m flexible (and experienced with a wide range of solutions), so if you have a preferred sharing/storage system, just let me know.

What technology and software do you work with?

Here are some of the programs and software applications I’m experienced in:

● Adobe
● Database systems
● Photoshop, Canva
● Google analytics
● Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher)
● Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)
● Mail Chimp
● Survey Monkey
● TASSweb and SAP R/3
● Website and app management systems

You’ll find I’m a quick learner, so if you need me to work with a tool or piece of software that’s not listed here, just let me know.

Can I trust you to work in my business?

I think it’s fair to say… I’m used to keeping secrets. My work history includes a range of projects and businesses where I was trusted with confidential and proprietary information. And now, many of my clients require a high degree of confidentiality. You don’t want your competitors (or even your customers) knowing the inner workings of your business, and neither do I.

When we work together, I’ll keep your information, business processes, and client info safe and confidential. I’m willing to sign your NDA before we begin work.

Plus, you’re not hiring an employee, and I’m not just another contractor. I see your success and growth as essential to my own business growth and that’s why you can trust me to act with your best interests at heart.

What are your work hours?

I work Monday to Friday and can usually chat during business hours. If you need to chat or need a project managed outside of standard work hours, we can negotiate something that works for both of us.

Enjoyed working with her on every project
Alana has always managed her time well when providing creative briefs and is very clear with her communication. This results in efficient use of design time and ensures we stay within the approved quote for each job. I have enjoyed working with her on every project I have received.

Bree McDonald

Secret Weapon Creative

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About Alana

Alana Johnson is an online project manager and virtual executive assistant based in Brisbane, Australia. She helps busy entrepreneurs get their admin and marketing, projects done on time, with excellence.

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