I’ll be your virtual marketing assistant.

Virtual marketing assistant tasks you can add to my plate

  • Strategy – develop strategic marketing plans to support your goals and growth
  • Style guide – help create your style guide and implement it
  • Branding – ensure brand consistency or manage the rebrand process
  • Project management – collaborate with and oversee your team of freelancers
  • Communication – client engagement and stakeholder management
  • Online Presence Manager – digital and social media communication
  • Visuals – coordinate and manage onsite photo and film production
  • Advertising – organise print or digital advertising for your campaigns
  • Presentations – develop sales or marketing presentations for events or webinars
  • Websites – do simple website content updates and liaise with your webhost and developer
  • Formatting – check all branding is consistent on publications and communications
  • Collateral – help produce, prepare, and update your marketing materials
  • Events – promotional materials (organising gifts and promotional packs)

About Alana

Alana Johnson is an online project manager and virtual executive assistant based in Brisbane, Australia. She helps busy entrepreneurs get their admin and marketing, projects done on time, with excellence.

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Call +61 407 969 523
Base location is Brisbane, Australia


 Why work with me

  • Finish your projects on time, to a high standard
  • Get more done
  • Stress less
  • Save time and money
  • Focus on your top priorities
  • Leverage my 20+ years’ experience

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